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Just a Few Weeks
There's not been much content here, it's not that we don't like you, or that we're not strongly opinionated people. It's just that paying for all this stimulus stuff takes some time. It maybe a little sparse for the next few weeks, but we'll try to get the ball rolling in a little while.


Surfs Up
Really? Waterboarding isn't surfer slang? I guess no one informed me. Now one informed Nancy Pelosi either. Well, maybe she was informed, but it was second hand - or she was briefed by someone who wasn't informed. Or someone who was informed but not completely briefed.

Either way, while the Bush administration was lying to you, the CIA was lying to her.

Assuming she's right - why would she tell us? After all, if what they're best at is waterboarding and lying...

Of course if you want to talk about a lack of information and 'misleading', how about the Stimulus bill? Voted on before it could be read, in spite of promises that it would be made public.

I guess Speaker Pelosi's next career move could be the CIA.

Perhaps we should be interested in an informed opinion?

Opposites Attract
In the story that just won't stop, Carrie Prejean arguably lost the Miss USA competition because of her answer to a gay question from a homosexual judge:

We live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage and, you know what, in my country and my family I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman.

It wasn't the horrible grammar, but the content of the answered that offended judge Perez Hilton, and perhaps cost her the title. Those tolerant of 'same-sex marriage' don't seem to be tolerant of anything else. Getting to the bottom of the issue, Miss USA franchise owner Donald Trump says she holds the same views on gay marriage as President Obama:

It's the same answer that the president of the United States gave, she gave an honorable answer.

Nicely played by the Donald. But the Administration bites back as David Axelrod - chief advisor - says that when picking the first family's dog, Miss California was a runner up.

Now That's Funny
Forget our witty look at current events, if you want funny just drop in at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Wanda Sykes pulled out all the stops, theorizing that Rush Limbaugh was the 20th hijacker on September 11th, but missed his flight because of the Oxycontin.

That's almost as funny as buzzing New York City for a photo op.

Then she asked:

l hope this country fails?" I hope his kidney fails!

Pretty classy stuff. Yet this joke needs an apology.

No longer in a secure location, former vice president Dick Cheney is anything but silent. Feeling that he'd rather criticise the President then watch his country be dismantled, he's out there claiming that what the last administration did protected this country, and what the current administration is doing will weaken this country and put us all in danger.

If I don't speak out, then where do we find ourselves? Then the critics have free run, and there isn't anybody there on the other side to tell the truth. So it's important.

Time to Retire
Justice Souter will be leaving the bench, so it won't be long before all the drama of a new appointment. If current legal appointments are any indicator, it won't be pretty.

If we could pick someone who should retire, it would probably be Arlin Specter.

After switching parities, two Democrat contenders for the Senate nomination dropped out, but the Senate hasn't given him any help with seniority - at least until after the election.

But Specter's given the Democrats a taste of what it's like to have him at the party. He's already voting against the party, and gave his support to Norm Coleman - of the Coleman/Franken election. Of course he took that support back just a little while later - so maybe he's already picking up on how to be a Democrat.

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A happy Mother's Day - and we'll catch up next week.

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[Note: This covers the last two weeks - so enjoy the fortnight in review]

Snap Shot
After September 11th, no one ran from the buildings of New York City fearing another attack for the rest of our last President's two terms, almost 8 years. 100 days with the new President and like everything else - that's changed.

Last week Air Force One (well, not at the time technically) flew over New York City - for a photo op with the Statue of Liberty. One small problem - nobody knew it was happening. So when New Yorkers saw a 747 flying around Manhattan, they were more than a little concerned.

Perhaps no one at the White House has heard of photoshop? Perhaps faking the shot seemed too disingenuous to this administration. I doubt it.

Or maybe they were trying to clear out the financial offices, hoping that if everyone just went home our current economic situation wouldn't get any worse.

If that was the goal, they should have buzzed the capitol.

Stay at Home
Who cares about the environment? Drive your SUV, and take that private plane. Vice President Joe Biden says stay off planes and subways (what about trains?).

His office says he was referring to travel to Mexico - although he specifically said he wasn't. Janet Napolitano - White House wordsmith - says that if he could do it again, he would have said, "if you're sick" - while that's clearly not what he meant.

Of course, this contrasts the President's suggestion:

So wash your hands when you shake hands. Cover your mouth when you cough. I know it sounds trivial, but it makes a huge difference.

Of course he's not a doctor, and he didn't reference a doctor, but why would that matter - he speaks, we believe.

Watch That Border
Perhaps the best part of Joe Biden's warning was that you should avoid closed containers. There's not many scenarios I can think of that fit that, other than the scenarios that involve crossing our border illegally.

You hear that Canadians? Because in our ongoing contingency operations against man caused disasters the one border we need to watch is the Canadian border. Because that's where the 9/11 hijackers may have come from according to Janet Napolitano.

Canada, England, France - I'm glad the international crowd all loves us now.

100 Days
Not quite the event Michael D'Antuono hoped for, the planned unveiling of his Obama as the Messiah painting titled 'The Truth' was canceled. Turns out even the Christians can be offended. Who knew?

Well, he's really sorry - and you should be too. Sorry that there are people who would put that much hope in a man.

Memo:  Torture
While the last story might seem like torture to some, the newly released torture memos just drag on. First there would be no prosecution, then prosecution for some, then maybe prosecution by someone else. So who really knows?

On thing is for sure, all this concern about how those who want to destroy us are treated, while the Supreme Court tries to determine if school students can be abritrally strip searched just doesn't seem right.

In Other News
A Judge orders the defendants mouth taped shut, wow, isn't that torture - cold fusion may be possible, good thing the scientific consensus is always right - a Russian politician resigns after learning his election was rigged, obviously not from Chicago - Cheney's on the loose, and yeah, that's the way we like him - the President puts his own economic advisor asleep at the credit meeting, no wonder Fox wouldn't run the last press conference - Biden is less popular than Cheney was, but let's wait until he shoots someone - GE shareholders aren't too happy with the company's MSNBC, and why would they be?

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"The Archives are coming, the Archives are coming!"

--Paul Revere, AO web developer on what to expect in the not so distant future.

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