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The Coming Crisis

We live in a time of a great crisis. A defining time, where we must no longer sweep this crisis under the carpet, but boldly face it and say, "Yes, we can." This crisis affects many Americans, regardless of race, political party, wealth or influence. This crisis has been building for years - some would argue the better part of a century. This crisis has been ignored for far too long, by far too many in government.

Hard working Americans - those with their hands on the plow, their shoulder on the wheel - know the reality of this crisis. It's terrifying to think what will happen in just a few short months if something is not done. Already, there are those who've faced heartache, financial hardship, personal loss - all at the hands of this monster, this great behemoth of a crisis.

I for one am glad that the new administration acknowledges this crisis and is serious about what needs to be done. I applaud their creative method of illustrating this crisis to the rest of the country. I want them to know that it resonates with us, it speaks to us, it shows us that we are indeed as one, and that those in power face the same great crisis that affects us all. It's about time those in Washington admitted that there is indeed a problem, and that it is a great crisis.

While I am sure most already know to what I am referring - for those who are still out of touch, to those who may still think they are not - or will not be - affected, on behalf of the rest of the American people, let me be clear, let me bring this down to your level, let me condense this great tragic crisis to a single word:


What? Did you think that the new administration was serious when they pushed through the confirmation of Timothy Geithner? Of course not. A man who couldn't figure out how to pay his taxes is now running the IRS. It's an obvious attempt to illustrate the major failings of the United States tax system.

Even when his former employer gave him the self-employment tax in addition to his normal compensation - he still could not figure out how to send that money to the IRS. He claimed his children's summer camp as a tax deduction. Don't blame his accountant, because some years he prepared his taxes himself. After all, he is a financial genius.

Apparently this is how broken the system has become, not only could he not navigate the complex area of self-employment tax, but this situation has been referred to as a 'common mistake'.

Don't think I am insulting the man's intelligence - I am simply taking him at his word. It was a honest mistake. I am sure that it's just a nasty coincidence that he waited so long that the IRS couldn't audit some of his previous returns. I am sure it was not malicious when he clicked the 'employed' button on Turbo Tax and accidentally kept the extra six or so percent the IMF gave him.

To not only nominate, but get him confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury - that's not arrogance and hypocrisy on the part of the new administration. It's a vibrant new way to show that even the best among us are confused and intimidated by the over sized and inefficient tax system.

To emphasize the point further, the administration brought in Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer.

Daschel - who was to run Health and Human services - made the mistake of not paying taxes on the free chauffeur and car he was given (even Oprah had to learn that lesson the hard way).

Killefer - who was to be the brand new performance officer - just had some issues paying the District of Columbia unemployment tax efficiently. All these potential leaders of our nation just couldn't figure out their taxes. They didn't mean to keep more than their fair share, it's just such a confusing system.

It is the crisis of our time.

The tax code is so confusing, mistakes are so easy to make, perhaps it's time to just throw it all out. Maybe a flat tax would simplify things? Maybe everyone should have to pay their own taxes, like Geithner, so they know the struggles of the few who don't have withholding. Maybe we should just forget income tax, since it's so error ridden, and focus on a flat sales tax. That way Geithner wouldn't have to worry about the deductability of summer camp, he'd be paying taxes every time he could afford to send his kids there.

No matter what the solution, something needs to be done - they've all made that clear.

Perhaps once all the members of the current administration catch up on their taxes, we'll have enough to fund the stimulus bill.

Which, of course, is not really a stimulus, but the administration's hands-on way of illustrating the continual failure of socialism when put into practice.

Now this is change I can believe in.

Tim Lytle [02/06/09 16:30:00] | 3689 Comments | Stream


Eric D

"Era of responsibility" right? President Obama "absolutely" stood by Daschle. Even after he knew what Daschle owed. [Link] Once Daschle resigned, Obama made his mandatory apology. [Link] Perhaps President Obama is, by all meanings of the word, a mere politician.

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Your current Old Basketball Sneakers Need Replacing : Locate Legitimate Shoes On the internet!The previous baseball sneakers finally offering for you? Are you looking to acquire a completely new pair of shoes? Purchasing the correct set of two basketball shoes or boots might not be easy and simple move to make, as there are undoubtedly an effect on your wallet. It really is needless to say your Prada Shoes responsibility the amount of an impact there'll be.With your personal investigation as well as simple fact checking out expertise you can purchase genuine baseball shoes or boots using on the web wholesale organizations. It's found that typically you possibly can make massive personal savings for the shoes you want and acquire your self an actual deal in the procedure.The company manufacturer that will developed Air Jordan shoes or boots, we are going to call Prada Sale them,them selves carry on and build a big name on their own because they did with the placing your signature to of megastars for example Sergio garcia rather than failing to remember earlier deciding upon involving Michael Jordan. They devote quite Prada Shoes For Women a lot of money to obtain recommendations through stars and this obviously helps with the particular personalisation method.The majority of excellent shoes are expensive, nevertheless there's a fantastic second at wholesale prices marketplace available for real shoes especially online. The are extremely aggressive and there's a fantastic array of shoes or boots from which to choose. The majority of these sites provide real shoes or boots, however there are many who are operating his or her enterprise being a con and supplying artificial sneakers Prada Shoes For Men and that means you must ensure you might be handling a reliable as well as real wholesaler / retailer. If you realise a niche site which generally seems to offer precisely what Prada Trainers you would like in an suitable value, speak to all of them and acquire all the info as you can at their store. Should they tell you his or her Jordans shoes are made in The usa they are supplying artificial items and you ought to continue to be nicely obvious. Recently there was several spamming involving competition low cost footwear revenue sites nevertheless there is a great deal competitors, use not at all times count on a bad opinion, do a little examining by yourself to ascertain if these kind of responses can be real as well as artificial.

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Greatest Golfing Special birthday Gifts For the Special SomoneSomething concerning the game of golf special birthday present can do for anyone who adores the sport and also the self-control it entails. For an individual unique, any well-thought regarding the game of golf bday gift can be Michael Kors Purses excellent!Jasmine, a buddy associated with mine, was dating Bryan pertaining to fairly sometime. Both of them met within the hottest online dating service. She would like to give your pet a distinctive birthday gift that's Cheap Michael Kors Tote associated with golfing as they can be an enthusiastic golf enthusiast. I shared with Michael Kors outlet her that they can give your pet something related to golfing yet she must be imaginative in the event that the girl desires to please your ex. There are many golf items which are already available which is up to the girl which among these products to present being Michael Kors Handbags on sale a golf existing.Regarding Jasmine.When the lady desires to provide Bryan a playing golf product as birthday present however simultaneously she would like the gift to become a great gift, then I advised one thing special and less expensive like a specially engineered special birthday cake which has a golfing pattern. Just like Jasmine, you may also have got form of wedding cake cooked however make sure the design as Michael Kors Shoulder Bags well as the concept are only concerned with golfing. The wedding cake might be converted into the passable miniature the game with corresponding player putting on your course.Your playing golf birthday celebration wedding cake My spouse and i advised in order to Jasmine would be a struck because Bryan received so delighted they ultimately inquired your Michael Kors Bags ex being his constant day. Picking a golfing special birthday wedding cake may also provide amazing things between you and your sweetheart. A real golf birthday celebration present means much to your pet because it signifies an individual care adequate about your ex to consider his favourite sport as the main design on your surprise. Like all golf players, your a person will pleasant virtually any addition to his golfing support assortment as it may help your pet grow their sport.You can find DVDs regarding the lifetime of famous players and having a single as a reward to the love of your life would be perfect. Any individual that enjoys golfing Michael Kors Handbags can study a issue as well as a couple of from your pros just by seeing their particular existence reports and the way these people participate in their video game. Playing golf video clips as being a birthday celebration present would be a encouraged addition to the collection from a golfer.

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That is surely applied to the individuals internet based players what individuals enjoy per game used only for the fun of this.Balenciaga brian atwood For those who are the level of participant preferring any way superior kind of sharp graphics,wallets shopping centre you would then still in all probability have fun with those mmorpgs which may be used now available which you'll find form of heavier than the free of cost display game titles which is available from numerous web pages internet.

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This was no big surprise just like the Chanel Chanel Bagsreissue made whopping and record breaking Chanel Handbags for years. Each woman lucky enough to glance at the Chanel Bags 2012 and females who will be sensible enough to go for actual cigarettes made sure that they had most of the 255 Chanel Handbags 2012. This happened from the actuality that it classic quilted Chanel Bags Onlineworks as a interest in getting nearly all women inside them for hours some may be simply a must. In case you're now going to complete your latest Chanel handbags Chanel Handbags Online or need to only desire to have among the list of 255 classic Cheap Chanel Handbags, then it is about time upon entering your wallet and obtain one. Within Chanel 2009 spring collection, the 255 reissue dissapear in pastel colors and all of you have to do is choose which one your Chanel Handbags For Sale would choose. One favorite may Chanel 255 turquoise reissue handbag and that is so cool on top of the eyes but still offer the classy appear associated with Chanel. If this matters with you that you simply simply carry actual intercourse too as the latest Chanel handbags beauties, and then suggest sure you have one's own Chanel 255. You will not only breathe easier through addition on your collection you may well feel happy on your own one bag which happens to be most coveted by nearly all women. Never allow your desires be squandered as you possibly can have one such classic beauties now because you can make use of the Chanel spring collection. Look ahead to an exceptional Saturday and Sunday insurance agencies to take care of around your 255 classic handbag. Women just love bags. And who wouldn't? It is natural for you to like bags and shoes since time immemorial. Up until present times, in a position see a greater number of women you have to be fond of beautiful, classy and authentic designer handbags. Those who are one of those who attempt to offer the real variety of designer handbags, after that cant do it well lacking the knowledge of your Chanel. Bear in mind, are able to know authentic Chanel handbags requires either you to check a great amount of these great brands' history or perhaps be the expert due to the fact if you buy one bag to another one. One classic beauty that you need to know inside out might be 255, a Chanel classic who have reigned for all decades now. In case you looking for both sophistication and great fashion sense, you can pick out Chanel handbags. Remember, to undertake it the classic way, then make sure there are a 255. The Chanel 255 s really a classic quilted Chanel Chanel Bags UK which were first released available far more than half a century ago. In February 1955, the whole planet was gifted utilizing beauty and he has continued to captureChanel Handbags UKfor each woman updated while in the fashion circuits. Each one of the released 255 is one great artwork who is witness to Coco Chanel Bags For Sale persistence for quality and craftsmanship as proven while using the Chanel Chanel 2.55 Flap. In 2005, a reissue inside the famous Chanel 255 was published in celebration with all the Chanel Mini Flap Bag fifty years in creating fashion and beauty.

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Lessons complete is shuffle the cheap ray ban sunglassesdesigns and receive one who marches perfectly with each of your style. Appear to try out with colors the brand offers classic styles with bold and vibrant colored cheap oakley sunglasses to present you a happening and trendy look. The classic Wayfarers were being reintroduced incorporating funky patterns over a inner arms section. Pink floral pattern with white acetate discount ray ban sunglasses present you with that chic look, whereas, striking block colors supply you with a funky and care-free look. Ray Ban regarded as most recognized brands by both males and females. The emblem name is thought a way discount oakley sunglasses in itself. During the entire whole for getting a set would you know to make sure that which design will suit your style and personality can sometimes be a task. Don't; cheap ray ban sunglasses online has a great deal of designs and colors readily available, there's a simple unique pair per one. Various types of Ray-Ban sunglasses are complimentary on to a kind of face shapes and elegance replica ray ban sunglasses. Might be a suitable mix of innovation, quality and magnificence. They offer differentiated styles for guys business women regarding ages. The oven has an assorted quantity of styles for that office goers, to make the party animals, around the casual loners and naturally for that 'chic' in you. designs are enjoyable, flattering, simple and easy very wearable which look very stylish. By using an aviator, a wraparound, maybe wayfarer is simple look this summer without compromising n your style. Available on the net at best prices, choose wisely and pickup the happy couple that matches your look and personality completely! The shades used include blue, red, yellow & The Product used include Ray Ban 4068, Ray Ban 2157, Ray Ban 8301 purple with classic black considering the iconic Fake Oakley Sunglasses logo is put on the arms. Ray Ban offers a solution those problems you face while picking out the 'right' set of two cheap ray ban sunglasses for sale, designs matching different facial attributes and colours vacationing with striking personality types accomplish that. If you have round faces, thick framed ray ban knockoffs and dark lenses, for people with small narrow faces, small sized frames and lightweight colors and also for ladies with long faces, wide lenses and thick frames.

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If you want to wear shoes from a brand which operates with a social cause in mind, the Toms Shoes should stand out as the favourite pick for you. Toms Stitchouts These shoes provide you with all the glamour and style which you want as a customer. The objective of the Toms Shoes brand is quite unique as it always wants to help the needy children in society. Each of the purchases which happen in the company benefits a child with a new pair of shoes. The history of the brand can be traced back to the year 2006 when a traveller from the country of America Toms Youth met some impoverished children in Argentina and noticed them without any shoes on their feet. The idea originated from there and thus began the journey of one of one of the premier shoe manufacturing and distribution companies in the world.


The Toms brand is well known in the market for the espadrilles range which they provide. These shoes stand out as an epitome of quality Toms The Row and have already set high standards for itself in the market. The shoes are made out of soft canvas material which makes them quite lightweight. It is extremely easy to walk around with these shoes as they provide you with Toms Shoes532633 all the necessary comfort which Toms Vegan you need as a customer. You can really enjoy wearing these shoes as they provide you with a Toms Wedges really tight surface grip. You can walk easily on uneven surfaces by wearing them.


The University Espadrilles is one of the top notch collections from the Toms Shoe range which provides you with Toms Shoes Sale all the style and utility which you want. When you take a first look at this shoe, you will find that the front part consists of stripes and the second one comprises a plain colour. These shoes can be found in a variety of colours. You can take your favourite picks from some of the radiant colours like red, ash, brown, gray and silver. For all the glamour conscious ladies out there, there are a great Toms Shoes variety of these shoes which you can get. You can go to an online Shoe Shop and check out the finest collections on offer. The Morocco Crochet is one of the best collections which you can get. These shoes provide you with a great style statement which is evident in the net like designs which it portrays. The entire look is very graceful and appreciable.


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