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How Much Cost?

Unfortunately, all wars mean casualties. Vice President Biden recently said there would be an "uptick" in casualties in Afghanistan as the conflict intensifies. What level of American casualties would you be willing to accept in the fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan?

Recently I took a survey which included that question. The answers ranged from 'a lot more', 'some more' to 'a lot fewer' and 'no casualties'. I selected, "Don't know", because there wasn't a 'this question is stupid' option.

Is a single soldier's life worth less that the lives of two? Are 500 lives worth more than 100 lives? 1000? 2000? Would 3000 lost be okay, but 3001 unacceptable? Are we supposed to be drawing that kind of line? Or is it more of an algorithm?

This isn't eBay, you don't set your 'acceptable loss' limit then have it proxy bid up to that point. This isn't a used car lot where you low bid at first and see if you can keep the cost within budget. It's not like a remodel project, where you pull the plug half way through, because you found water damage. This is life and death, this is right and wrong - either you're in or you not.

If a war, a principle, a idea is worth one American life, it's worth two, it's worth three, it's worth them all - one life isn't worth more than another - each is priceless, and no matter what the multiplier, it's the same. If I believe something is worth wagering one American life, it's the same a wagering them all.

Now, if you don't believe that the strategy is correct, that the tactics are working, or even that the cause is right - that's different. But I'm tired of people trying to convince me to remove support because of the cost. Our founding fathers pledged their lives,fortunes, and honor to the cause of freedom, because they knew it was all or nothing. It hasn't changed.

If you want me to change my mind, convince me that the mission is flawed or that there's a better way to accomplish the goal - but stop trying to convince me the cost is now too great; because if it's too great now, it was too great when the first life was lost. And if that did cause me to change, what would I be saying about all that has been spent?

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